Bostwick Consistometer, 24 cm GLENAMMER, 100ml Sample Size, 240 mm Length, ASTM F1080-93

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The Consistometer is a simple, dependable instrument which determines the consistency of various materials by measuring the distance which a sample flows under its own weight. The instrument allows producers of such viscous products as jellies, preserves, sauces, etc. to predetermine formulas for their product and to standardize production lots. The Consistometer is a low cost, durable, instrument for accurately checking laboratory or production samples against consistency, viscosity or flow rate standards. It uses little bench space and is yet probably the simplest, most accurate method of conducting a variety of flow associated tests. The consistometer is made of stain-resistant metal. It consists of a trough divided into two sections by a gate. The smaller section serves as a reservoir for the material to be tested. The larger section is graduated along the bottom in one-half centimeter divisions beginning at the gate. The game is spring-operated and is held by a trigger that permits instantaneous release. In operation, the gate slides vertically in the grooves of two posts extending upward from the side of the trough. The L-shaped trigger release hooks over the top of the gate to hold it in a closed position. Two leveling screws are located at the reservoir end of the trough and a circular spirit level is located at the other end of the trough.

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