Fisatom catalogue


Made in Brazil, Fitasom’s equipment is built for research, analysis, process and education. These products are available from Grupo Didacta throughout South América. Our catalogues are available in:

  • English
  • Español
  • Portugues

Funke Gerber

Funke Gerber are one of the leading producers of laboratory apparatus for the dairy farming industry, creating equipment for the testing of milk and other foodstuffs. Catalogues for the following products are available to download:

  • LactoStar: Instrument for the analysis of milk
  • LactoFlash: Analyzer for a quick routine test of milk
  • SuperVario N: Multi-purpose centrifuge for the dairy industry
Funke Gerber
Endecotts catalogue


Endecotts are specialists in precision test sieves and sieving machines. They offer equipment in many different sizes to meet every need and every specification.

Each sieve is designed and made in London, UK, and meets all national and international standards.


Vibra believe that in weight and measurement, and particularly in the precision field, it is necessary that products come from the ideas of engineers with an artisan touch.

All of their technology is made in Japan, and offers the highest standards in quality and build.

Vibra catalogue
Trans Instruments catalogue

Trans Instruments

Trans Instruments are a control equipment manufacturer of quality of ph, temperature, conductivity, oxide reduction (REDOX), nutrients in water, and lighting.

Their mission is to design, manufacture and market scientific and instrumentation products that meet the world’s quality standards and at prices that are comfortable for customers.

Sherwood Scientific Ltd

Sherwood Scientific Ltd is a development and manufacturing company producing a range of scientific instruments and apparatus, with applications in education, research, and multiple industries.

Sherwood website